cs36-sm surface mount

the model cs36-sm surface-mounted traffic controller is designed to regulate the flow of traffic through a secured control point, by providing both a visual and physical barrier. (similar in design to the cs36-fm). using three 12" control modules, the cs36-sm is surface-mounted, eliminating excavation and drainage problems.
length: 36" module
height: ramp 2" above grade, spike 2 1/2"
total 4 1/4"
weight:i 110 lbs (per 36" module)
features: long life steel alloy torsion springs
1/4" laser cut top plate
zinc plated teeth with welded steel frame
counter sunk bolts
latch down key (standard)
  exploded view
available accessories: alarms, ups battery back-up, red/green traffic lights, heaters.




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