ts-100-08 traffic lights

material: the housing, door, and visor are injection molded of ultraviolet stabilized, pre-colored opaque polycarbonate.

housing: one-piece unit with serrations in 5° increments at each end. each housing has provisions for mounting two terminal blocks and attaching back plates. housings may be fastened together to make multi-section signals.

door: one-piece polycarbonate unit equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. stainless steel thumbscrews hold the door against the housing.

visor: the removable twist on visor is secured to the door with stainless steel hardware. cut-way, tunnel and full tunnel circles are available.

reflector: a separately hinged, alzak® reflector is standard. glass is also available.
lens: conforms to ite specifications. the standard lens is polycarbonate capable of withstanding illumination by a standard traffic signal lamp without physical distortion. a glass lens is also available.
positive positioning: positive positioning and locking is achieved through the use of serrated brackets, mast arm, or span wire fittings.
  exploded view
available accessories: alarms, ups battery back-up, loop detectors, heaters.


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